Monday, August 30, 2010

Live Video Clip of the Day: Brandon Flowers "Bette Davis Eyes"

So you might have heard me talk about my minor obsession with all things The Killers(like here, here, and here), specifically one Brandon Flowers, who is embarking on his own solo career for a while. Well, the dude has some small concerts going on and today's clip is from one of them.

Something so awesome when one of your favorite acts covers one of your all time favorite songs. Ladies and gents...I give you Brandon Flowers doing a cover of Bette Davis Eyes.

Yeah, you're welcome.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Songs That Should Be (or Should Have Been) More Famous: Natalie Imbruglia "Smoke"

"What's up with that?"

Haha. I love that she asks the above question several times in this tune. Just a nice, little song with a haunting melody. Natalie Imbruglia should have been more famous than the song "Torn." This is one of the reasons why.

Here is the video:

Monday, August 23, 2010

Movie Music Mondays: Singles and Giveaway Info

One Sentence Review: A decent flick about being a 20 something in the early 90s with a lot of flannel and such, set against the backdrop of the Seattle grunge music scene.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Live Video Clip of the Day: Third Eye Blind "Losing a Whole Year"

Do you know what an earworm is?

It's not a creepy bug that crawls in your ear, but rather "a portion of a song or other music that repeats compulsively within one's mind." I'm not making this up. It is a legit term.

Studies show that everyone has been affected by earworms, however some people are more susceptible. Count me as one of those people.

Here is a classic earworm of a tune for me. I previously talked of my friends' odd obsessions with Third Eye Blind and this is a classic example of Third Eye Blind's pop/alternative vibe.


Friday, August 20, 2010

Vintage Tune of the Day: Gene Kelly "Singing in the Rain"

A bit of a different take on today's vintage tune.

Probably the best scene from any movie. EVER.

Fun fact: Gene Kelly was sick with 103 degree fever on the day he filmed this scene and refused to go home at the request of the director. Oh, and the rain, yeah that was a mix of water and milk to make it show up on camera more than just water. Probably smelled really good after a few hours.

You're welcome.

Live Video Clip of the Day: Counting Crows "Anna Begins"

This song gives me serious goosebumps.

Every time she sneezes I think it's love.

Gosh those are some sweet lyrics. What nice vintage performance by these guys, as well.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Giveaway Rules!

So, you heard about that whole giveaway thing, we are rocking at Inflamed Temperament, right?

If not, here it is: you can score a brand new copy of Singles on DVD. This particular DVD comes in a package with the flicks Home Fries and Mickey Blue Eyes. I am sorry for that.

So, I have decided that this flick will be the subject of next week's Move Music Monday's post, but for now, I will tell you the rules, so you can start entering right away. The contest will run until September 15th at midnight...eastern style. I'm from NY, I can't wait for you west coasters. A girl has to sleep. It is open to residents of the United States, only.

There are three ways to enter:

1. Become a follower of this blog. It has been around a while and still has less than twenty people who want to admit to reading it. Come on, people, we see the stats and know that more than 12 people read this guy every day. We don't bite. Follow us with pride. If you already do follow us, then hey, you're golden. We will automatically enter all followers.

2. Comment on next Monday's post with your favorite line of the movie, your favorite scene of the movie, your favorite song on the soundtrack, why you want to see the movie for the first time, whatever. You can comment as often as you'd like, but only one entry will be counted.

3. Spread the word. You will be entered one time for your help in spreading the word about this contest. Post it to your blog, tweet it, put it on the book (cool kid talk for Facebook), do whatever, but make sure you let us know via a comment, either on this page or next Monday's. Again this will count as one entry, but feel free to preach about it as often as you'd like.

So that's it. These rules will be posted again next Monday, so don't fret if you should forget them.

Best of luck!

Monday, August 16, 2010

The First Blog Giveaway!

Well, I have been wanting to do this for some time, but here it is, the big first blog giveaway.


Inflamed Temperament's first blog giveaway will be a DVD copy of the amazing early 90s flick, Singles.

Why Singles you ask? Isn't this a music blog? Well, tomorrow I will delve deeper into the contest rules and such, but for now I will just say that Singles has an amazing 90s soundtrack and we all know of my love for 90s music. It also has surprise appearances by various rock gods such as Eddie Vedder.

Here's the trailer and as I said, details on how to enter tomorrow:

Vintage Tune of the Day: The Animals "The House of the Rising Sun"

What a nice little tune about...a brothel, no bigs.

The most surprising thing you might learn today is that this song is claimed to have been made all the way back in the 16th Century and over time adopted in the late 19th/early 20th Century by Americans who changed the location to New Orleans.

In any event here is the most famous of all the different renditions this song has offered.

Songs That Should Be (or Should Have Been) More Famous: Nine Days "Wanna Be"

Welcome to a new column that will appear randomly on the blog, bringing songs that you may have forgotten or never heard. These tunes deserved more airplay (or just airplay in general). 

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ten REALLY Good Breakup Songs

I've been rocking a lot of break up songs these days. Ha, don't ask.

Even when you aren't going through one, sometimes these tunes can bring you back to those ultra dramatic moments in your life and I mean that in both bad and good ways.

For some reason, when we go through these times, breakup songs are all we want to listen to. Our friends get mad at us, our family gets concerned, but we don't care. We want our daily dose of sad song medicine.

Perhaps we want to hear about a situation we can relate to or a chance to point out that at least we aren't as messed up as the couple in that song, but whatever it is, these little nuggets can be quite cathartic. So you can call me Dr. Phil for the day. Wait, please don't do that. I hate that guy.

Here is a list of ten great break up tunes:

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Live Video Clip of the Day: The Cranberries "Zombie"

This is not a strictly 90s music blog, but man, so much of the music I love was rocked during that decade.

Here's a tune I just can't get out of my head. This has been a three day issue. I'm passing it on to you now. So much better than passing you the flu or something.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Vintage Tune of the Day: The Drifters 'Under the Boardwalk'

I apologize to loyal readers (all three of you) for the slacking lately. It's summertime. In fact today's song is quite summer inspired.

On with the show.

Today's vintage song is a tune that I adore. It brings a smile to my face every time I hear it.

The Drifters, man, now that was a band. So many great songs.
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